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Toilet Cisterns

Toilet Cisterns

Toilet Cistern

Due to most toilet pans being integrated with the cistern, the toilet cistern is not often seen as a free standing product but, with the advent of back-to-wall toilets with concealed cisterns, they are an important feature that needs to be taken seriously, especially when thinking of factors such as space, noise and the environment. 


Most toilet cisterns now come with a dual flush system which allows you to control the amount of water you use with each flush, meaning you have total control over the amount of water your cistern uses, an element of control much needed with the proliferation of water metres and the ever-present pressure to be environmentally sound. 

As with all your bathroom and toilet fixtures and fittings, a degree of flexibility is often required with regards to the fitting in situ, and the cisterns we offer reflect this need. Whether it is concealed or on show, your cistern will need to be flushed, and the choice of cisterns we offer makes it so this simple function gives you as many options as possible. The flush lever or button can be placed in various positions on the housing, you can choose from left or right handed, depending on your needs, or you can have it on top, making the choice of where to fit it as easy as possible.

A concealed cistern will always make a bathroom or toilet area feel less cluttered, and will give it a modern, cleaner look. With the products and range we offer, fitting and maintaining your concealed cistern, or replacing your old cistern, couldn't be easier.

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