Electric Radiators Designer Conversions

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Electric radiators have been around for a long time they have been a boring and really unexciting looking product we have teamed up with radiator suppliers and created a way to convert some of our designer radiators to a electric version this is by the use of one of our elements and a special heat transfer fluid this means you have a grater list of stylish and designer electric radiators that I think you will agree look amazing by converting one of our radiators to a digital electric only model.They are very easy to do as well we will send you the concentrated heat transfer fluid and a element to you with your radiator and your qualified plumber will be able to set up the products to run in your home. We always recommend you use a plumbers as he will understand how to bleed the radiator when 1st begin used and make sure its running efficiently as its very important when 1st installing these radiators to fill them very slowly and make sure no air is trapped in the radiators this means there can be some cold spots of not installed correctly. All designer electric radiators have a very particular installation not much dissimilar to a heating system the elements work as there own heat source in the radiator much like having a boiler to heat the fluid then in turn to heat your room. Please contact us with and questions on electric radiator conversions and allow us to help you have the right radiator for the right job. 

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