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Shower Hoses

Shower Hoses

Shower Hoses

A shower hose is a relatively simple piece of equipment that connects the shower mixer unit to the shower head. Shower hoses are designed to be flexible, moving in many directions while keeping the water safely within them, but occasionally it is necessary to replace them. This may be because the old one has failed, looks worn out or because you need a longer one to make more effective use of your shower.

Trade plumbing stock a number of different shower hoses, so you'll be able to find one that matches well with your existing bathroom and will replace your current shower hose quickly and simply. We stock a variety of lengths, colours and styles to give you the best possible choice.

When buying a new shower hose, make sure that it has the right connectors at the end so it will fit and work properly in your shower. Shower hoses have either knurled nuts, where a simple ring that screws onto the attachment, or conical ends, where a tube tapers from the connector onto the tube. Some may even have one type of connector at one end and another at the other end. The two are distinctly different in appearance, so you just have to ensure you order the right type if you need a replacement.

Replacing a hose is a simple task, and it shouldn't take anyone more than a few minutes to unscrew the old one and replace it with a correct new one.

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