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Traditional Heated Towel Rails

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    Eastbrook Stour Brushed Brass Wall Mounted Traditional Style Towel Rail 1550mm H x 600mm W, Dual Fuel - Standard
    Special Price £1,012.80 Regular Price £1,114.08

    Finance from £337.60/month

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Trade Plumbing - One Price - For Both Trade & Public!

The Finest Traditional Towel Radiators for You!

The traditional towel radiators are still in demand around the UK. This is because UK knows how important a vintage style radiator is to breathe air into the classical vista of a place. The Victorian-style never gets old, rather is an evergreen fashion. 

Until about a century ago, bathrooms were purely functional in nature. A bathroom just had to be clean and hygienic, and people didn’t really bother too much about the design and aesthetics. Now, bathrooms require equal attention in terms of interior design, so much so that every possible effort is made to align the architectural theme of the bathroom to the rest of the house. And bedroom and bathroom radiators play a major role in defining the themes and beauty of a room, and a house in general. For instance, if your house bears a Victorian period theme, the same has to be reflected in the architectural design in the bathroom as well. And, it is wise to pick up a finely crafted traditional towel radiator to keep the space's theme blended well.

Revive the Vintage Style: Go for Traditional Heated Towel Rails

Individual components of a bathroom play an important role in creating an ambience. A Victorian bathroom would typically have a free-standing bathtub along with a fireplace, a Victorian-style chair, an antique mirror and a traditional towel radiator. Typically, you would imagine that a bathroom towel radiator is too modern for a Victorian-style bathroom and might feel out of place. However, you would be surprised to find out that Victorian radiators are specifically designed to incorporate historical elements of that period like chrome legs or exquisite metalwork. Just like other elements of a modern-day bathroom, a traditional heated towel rail isn’t just about its functional aspect. Of course, it performs an important function - it keeps your towels warm and keeps the bathroom cosy at large. However, the best part about bathroom towel radiators is that they are available in a huge variety of designs, right from period Victorian style to modern and edgy designs. They are so dynamic in nature that they can effortlessly incorporate diverse design elements. Hence, you can conveniently land at your desired towel radiator type for your bathroom.

While looking for the perfect traditional towel rail radiator for your bathroom, make sure that it blends in with other components like the bathtub, the basin and the plumbing design. Thanks to the huge range of designs available at Trade Plumbing online heating store. Here, you should be able to find a towel rail which complements your bathroom at large. At the same time, also consider the colour scheme. Victorian bathrooms usually follow a black and white colour theme with dashes of deep burgundy or violet; make sure that towel rail isn’t too jarring in terms of its colour. Usually, a white towel rail works best with a Victorian-style bathroom.

Buy Traditional Towel Rail Radiators: A Versatile Collection

A traditional heated towel rail is a welcome sight in almost any bathroom. Not only can traditional towel rails provide comfort and convenience, but they can also inject a burst of class and style into the room. There are many different traditional heated towel rails available, meaning that you can easily pick out one that suits both your budget and your bathroom style.

There are many factors you need to consider to find the traditional towel rail that is right for you: 

-Which Heated Towel Rail Size to buy? 

Firstly, there's the question of size and finding one that will fit properly into your bathroom. Trade Plumbing stocks a range of different sizes across different styles. Whether you want a traditional towel radiator that's high and thin, or the one that's wide and low, or just something to match the size and shape of what you already have, we have got your back!

-Which Towel Radiator Design do I opt? 

Design and appearance are important considerations when choosing between traditional towel radiators. One of the key questions here is whether you want to choose one that has a radiator combined with it, or one that consists solely of metal rails. If you're looking to place a traditional towel rail in a location where there currently already is a radiator, then this allows having the best of both worlds in combining rail and radiator. However, if the room already has a radiator in a separate location, then you may find that you don't need the additional heating and a simple set of rails will suffice.

How efficient will these traditional heated towel rail radiators be?

Functionality can also be an important consideration when deciding between a variety of bathroom towel radiators. When making your selection, it's important to consider how many towels are going to be needing space on it. Our range of different sizes can be very helpful here, as it means you don't have to compromise on the style you want. Moreover, we stock a fine collection of radiator accessories from valves to timers and more. The idea is to provide you with a one-stop solution for all your heating and plumbing needs!

Traditional towel radiators are available here to suit every budget, to satisfy every wish! Glide through a range of different colours and sizes from state-of-the-art brands including Reina Towel Radiators and Kartell towel rails. Here is what you call a great opportunity to add some colour into your bathroom, add in something that matches the colours you're already using there, and much more options to explore! Don’t give it a second thought as we have covered every product at Trade Plumbing with a cloak of excellence and quality! Order your Towel radiator and experience how we deliver perfect towel rails with LOVE!

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