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Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

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Pressurised Hot Water Cylinder

With all pressurised cylinders there there are some important points to be taken into consideration the installation costs and the saving of costs we different brands with our cylinders we will only supply brands we know have supporting serviceable parts meaning if it fails you don't need to nususuraly change the whole unit you can buy serviceable parts also warranties that are real and do what they say many online brands are not really known we sell an item what we know has been around for a substantial amount of time like gledhill and telford pressurised hot water cylinders these are the brands that we know its hard for a consumer to know as they just see an advert this is why it's best to use not just a cheap product what will fail and then not have a network of people to come and help resolve this is common issues we find with chaler brands they are just boxes brought in to the uk and sold with no real backup when issues arise and this means costs for replacement are higher than it would have been to buy a better quality cylinder.

mains pressure hot water cylinder

Mains pressure cylinders have not been around in the uk mainstream for to long it's quite a new item to be able to increase your pressure in our home these used to be only for commercial use and hotels hospitals. we are lucky now that the good brands have started to let this be in our homes as mains pressure hot water cylinders these has been more easy as prices have become more competitive and smaller sizes like a 210 liter main hot water cylinder. We are now being bombarded by cheap brands with no real back up support as explained above what can mean a job needs to be done switch in its 25 year time and plumbers are well paid now and skilled so costs are higher for skilled labor. We have a saying buy onice right and then you don't need to spend more money replacing its better to pay that bit more and get on these product what you pay for if its got thicker stainless stell more installation it will have a better rating and its shown i the price on the products.

Pressurised water cylinder

Pressurised means a faster flow of water and with a cylinder this means more water used so its always worth to be mindful of the sizes of shower heads used with your pressurised hot water cylinder as it can become quite wasteful if to big and with the environment this is very important to reduce sometimes the flow with the moden cylinders

What are the Benefits of Unvented Cylinders

Unvented cylinders are basically hot water cylinders that source water directly from the main water supply, heat it up using electricity, and supply it to the main water line at a high pressure. An unvented cylinder typically holds water at a very high pressure (between two to three bar), making it possible to supply outlets placed at a higher elevation with relatively strong flow of water.

Advantages of unvented pressurised cylinders

1. Can be placed at lower levels in the water supply.
Because of the high pressure in an unvented hot water cylinder, it can be placed freely in the water supply. You can even place it in a loft away from the main pipework and use it to supply water to higher levels with the same pressure and speed as water from the main supply.

2. Reduces pipework
Unvented cylinders are fed directly by the main water line. Thus, there is no need to maintain a separate cold water tank. This reduces pipework to a minimum. You also do not need any additional tanks to separate hot and cold water supply.

An unvented water cylinder may be made from copper or stainless steel. Stainless steel is stronger than copper and is more appropriate for higher pressure cylinders. For even higher pressure operation, glass lined steel cylinders can be used.

Since the cylinder feeds directly off the main water supply, it requires a sufficient level of pressure in the main line (at least 2 bar). Most cylinders typically utilize a Pressure Reducing Valve to ensure water at the right temperature is allowed inside the cylinder.

Installing an unvented water cylinder in the main water line is fraught with risk and is not recommended even for seasoned DIY enthusiasts. For best results, get in touch with your local plumber.

An unvented hot water cylinder can ease up the burden on your main water line and remove the need for keeping separate water tanks. This not only frees up space, but also reduces expenses. For homes that need to transfer water to a higher elevation, unvented pressurised cylinders are an ideal choice.

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