Sinks and Basins

With their versatility and function, bathroom sinks lend themselves to being focal points in any bathroom. They can be large and opulent for large spaces or minimalist units that fit neatly into smaller bathrooms. The shape of the bowl, the way it stands or is incorporated into a vanity unit, and the styling of the taps all convey a unique sense of style. 

Buying a Bathroom Sink

A wide variety of bathroom sinks are available to suit every bathroom, from traditional Victorian bathrooms to those with a sleek contemporary style. 
Round, minimalist bathroom sinks have become popular in recent years. Their simple curves convey a sense of spa style luxury while the sleek design fits nicely into different modern bathroom styles. They look stunning atop stone or polished wood or can be wall mounted. 

Examples of inset bowls include the R.A.K. Emma hand wash basin. Flat bottomed bowls such as the Artes Basin Bowl and the circular Sphere, bowl shaped Lumina and smoothly curved Orb by Hudson Reed look perfect atop simple cabinets or shelves in modern bathrooms, adding interest and elegance to minimalist styles. The Aveille has an appealing boat shape and the Colos a graceful shallow bowl, while other units are unapologetic with squared lines.

For a more traditional bathroom sink, there are pedestal sinks with a classic period style, such as the elegantly squared San Sebastian and the ornately curved Estae, complete with splashback. Lecico produce a number of traditionally styled sinks with inspiration from the early 20th century, including the Alexandra and Gatsby. The Lecico Hamilton is also stylishly traditional with straight lines. 

Contemporary European style is highlighted with the chunky Bilbao pedestal sink, while the Seville has a wide, shallow bowl to convey a modern mellow appearance. The smooth curves of the Lecico Marbella are stylish and functional.

Ideal Standard produce timeless pedestal sinks to complement various bathroom styles, including the classically shaped Concept Arc and the simple squared Concept Cube. The Lugo has a widening pedestal and wide, spacious bowl, with sophisticated lines that fit well into modern elegant bathrooms defined by quality materials and finishes.

There are several options for cloakrooms or smaller bathrooms, including wall hung sinks in a variety of styles such as classic curved sinks, circular corner sinks, chunky rounded sinks and simple squared and rectangular sinks, all of which are ideal with contemporary mixers and sprung basin wastes.

R.A.K. produce wall hung basins and pedestal basins for small bathrooms or cloakrooms, including traditionally curved slim line bowls, corner sinks and pedestal basins with straight lines and softly curved bowls. The Lecico Laguna and Atlas are both excellent for small spaces.

Traditional Bathroom Sinks and Basins

If you have a period property or simply enjoy the period style, there are many traditional styled bathroom sinks and basins available to kit out the perfect period bathroom. The traditional bathroom is a place of warmth and comfort, celebrated with luxurious furniture and welcoming accessories.

Traditional styled sinks and basins are inspired by various different periods, from classic 19th century Victorian to the more modern Art Deco period of the early 20th century. What they have in common is an appreciation of classic features and attention to detail.

Traditional styled sinks and basins usually have a pedestal to hide plumbing and provide basin support. This traditional design is aesthetically appealing for its classic appearance as well as its functional form. Wall hung basins are also available, and with their exposed pipework these can make stylish alternatives.

Traditional sinks and basins

A number of traditional sinks and basins are available to match your bathroom. From functional chunky designs to ornately curved and ridged designs, there is a traditional sink to suit all tastes. Many classic designs can also be stylishly incorporated into more modern bathrooms. Traditional sinks include beautifully ornate Victorian inspired sinks and Art Deco inspired models with strong semi-octagonal lines. Traditional sinks and basins look great teamed with traditional cross-head pillar taps and mixers.

Choosing and fitting your traditional basin

When choosing your bathroom sink or basin, bear in mind criteria such as space available, plumbing connections, how it fits with the rest of the bathroom furniture and decor, and number of tap holes, and pay attention to details which will enhance the traditional look of your basin such as taps and mixers. Some basins are especially designed to fit into tight or awkward spaces which can make a bathroom appear more spacious, and some careful planning will help to make the most of the room available.

Unless you are experienced at DIY we recommend that you hire a professional to fit out your sink or basin, and they will be able to advise you on plumbing connections or bathroom design if you want to redesign the layout of your bathroom.

Traditional basin for your bathroom

Do you hanker for the bathroom styling of years gone by? Do you like the look of traditional basins and bathroom sinks? It is possible to still have that style with modern manufacturing technicques and technology. Traditional bathroom sinks can come in art deco, regency, victorian and edwardian styles.