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Water Tanks

Water Tanks

Buying a new water tank from tradeplumbing.co.uk

Atlantis Tanks offers an impressive range of water tanks in various sizes and configurations.

When you need an underground or above ground water tank for a project, Atlantis Tanks are the name you can trust to deliver the best solution for your needs.

These tanks is mainly used for rainwater harvesting applications, but can also be used for water attenuation and storage of water from other sources such as wells and springs.

These robust water storage tank is manufactured in the UK and is moulded from Polyethylene using a rotational moulding process which produces a stress-free product. Furthermore, there are many design features that make this tank stand out. The high strength ribbed design allows for environmentally friendly pea-gravel back-fills which as a result eliminates the need for the high costs and difficulties of encasing a tank in concrete. The shallow-dig depth also makes it easier to install and maintain, as well as being ideal for areas with a high water table (certain installations may require further advice and an alternative installation method). The curved design allows more efficiency when using submersible pumps as it enables all the water, even from the bottom of the tank to be pumped out.

Underground Water Storage Tank is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, available in both non-potable or potable versions.

Non-Potable Water Tanks:

A non-potable water tank is installed on a property to capture and store water generated from rainwater, stormwater, cooling towers, air condition condensate or other process for use again on-site, typically as irrigation. However, the water for human consumption.

Potable Water Tanks:

A potable tank is obviously one that drinking water can be stored in, so that it remains fit for human consumption. The suitability of tanks for drinking water storage is monitored by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).