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  3. Alt Tag Template: Buy Reina Maia White Horizontal Electric Designer Radiator by Reina for only £285.76 in Radiators, Electric Radiators, Electric Heater at Main Website Store, Main Website. Shop Now
    Reina Maia White Horizontal Electric Designer Radiator
    As low as £285.76 Regular Price £418.00

    Finance from £95.25/month

  4. Alt Tag Template: Buy Reina Nika Anthracite Horizontal Electric Designer Radiator by Reina for only £285.76 in Shop By Brand, Radiators, View All Radiators, Electric Radiators, Reina, Electric Heater, Reina Designer Radiators at Main Website Store, Main Website. Shop Now
    Reina Nika Anthracite Horizontal Electric Designer Radiator
    As low as £285.76 Regular Price £418.00

    Finance from £95.25/month

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    Reina Maia White Horizontal Electric Designer Radiator 500mm H x 725mm W, Electric Only - Standard - 1500 Watts
    Special Price £337.84 Regular Price £502.00

    Finance from £112.61/month

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    Reina Maia White Horizontal Electric Designer Radiator 500mm H x 907mm W, Electric Only - Standard - 2000 Watts
    Special Price £375.04 Regular Price £562.00

    Finance from £125.01/month

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Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Electric Heaters: Setting Standard in Electric Heating Industry

Proportionate heating is essential to make your property warm, especially in the UK, where the weather is always unpredictable. The electric heaters are setting the standard in the electric heating world as they provide complete serenity for the execution of performance, reliability, energy-efficient and safety factors that are available in different styles and outputs. You want to replace your outdated storage heater with a unique electric heater. They will offer you the perfect infusion for replacing the conventional heater for the property with no access to the primary connection of gas supply or home that requires an additional heating system quick fix. It is a perfect back-fit.

Electric Heater is an innovative solution: Cosiness Optimised

Tired of utilising conventional gas heaters. We have solved your search quest with everything you need to optimise your home heating system. The electric heaters are an incredible addition for anyone looking to devote a modish feel to any space in their property. The innovative modern design has the look with impressive control over the heat outputs to provide you comfort and contentment, as now the latest electric heater styles come with a built-in thermostat. Plus, the added benefit for you is that when they are in use, they brag 100% energy efficiency by transforming provided electrical energy into heat energy. They are using an efficient heating element rather than relying on traditional heating factors, including gas and water. This will automatically reduce your energy surplus, emissions and bills, resulting in affordable running costs, making them a reliable choice for your home or office. Among a vast variety is our hot-selling Reina electric radiator which gives you multiple heating modes, digital display, and high controllability heat. Now you can achieve better heating performance capacity and controllability as compared with conventional gas heaters. Comfort your home heat with our best electric radiators adequately. Our electric heater is here to suit all your budgets and homes.

Budget-friendly and Energy Efficient Electric heaters

​​We understand you are worried about the cost of an electric heater that it costs you more than the gas. Don't panic; we are here to guide you. Buying a unique electric heater that has an energy-efficient factor is a one-time investment in the long run. Do you know electric heaters can maintain 100% energy efficiency? Yes, you can intensify the efficiency of your electric heater by insulation. The unique heating that you choose will make it more cost-effective for you. So you can comprehend your home’s requirements effectively. Your room needs a new electric heater. That’s where our electric heater comes in. We offer a unique electric heater that heats the room to make it cozier and pleasant. We are giving you a win-win situation to decide to save your money and enjoy the perks of an electric heater in terms of performance capacity or durability. Make your home heating system smarter with our products. Buy a new electric heater now and keep those shivers far away!

A Modern Home Craves for a Modern Heating System

Are you modernizing your home or renovating your office? If yes, you will require a heating system that offers comfort and efficiency to being stylish and adding aesthetics to your property. Who doesn’t want the ease of having the choice to control their heater independently? All new electric heaters are tankless. You know what does it mean that you don’t need to worry about the fluctuation in temperature because it never fluctuates the temperature down. We are providing an electric heater that not only produces excellent heat but adds aesthetics to your dwellings.

Electric Heater’s Even-Heat Distributions  to Beat the Chills

You need a warm comfortable environment at home and in offices during colder months. They are designed to produce consistent heat to the entire space of the room so that it will not be felt uncomfortable or cold. They are making the heating in the room easy with multiple modes, including smart functions Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. Now you can heat the room by simply switching on a single switch no matter in which plugin the radiator you are using. This means you won’t have to move around the home to heat rooms or spend money to transfer the heating between rooms. It is most important when purchasing a new radiator that you should know what BTU output you need according to your space. Use our BTU calculator to accurately guide and work this out for you.

Many Problems, One Solution: Trade Plumbing

Trade Plumbing is here to save your money. We also offer a price match guarantee to satisfy our customers receiving quality plumbing and heating products at the lowest price possible. If you find the same electric heater at a better price offer than us, you can claim us at the same price. We are the largest retailer in the UK. As all our customers know, we provide quality products with the best competitive prices to our customers. Trade Plumbing caters to the top 27 brands in the UK. We have been serving our services for 45+ years. We are confident in our services and are much aware of the needs of our customers. Your satisfaction is the priority and goal of Trade Plumbing.

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