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Expansion Vessels / Expansion Tank

Expansion Vessels / Expansion Tank

Expansion Vessels

The key function of an expansion vessel is to absorb the expansion volume of the water that is in your home’s system after it has been heated. This results in the water pressure not rising to excessive levels which could cause damage to your system. An expansion vessel is a metallic container made up of two parts that are separated by a rubber diaphragm. One side of the expansion vessel holds the water, and the other contains air. If the heating system is low, then the diaphragm is pushed against the water inlet, the diaphragm moves as water expands in the process compressing the air on the other side of the expansion vessel, thereby moderating the pressure.

Expansion vessels are usually used on pumped water systems; this negates the requirements of a continuous pump. This works because you can set a low and high pressure on the expansion vessel’s settings. When the water pressure reaches its lowest setting the pump will engage and fill the expansion vessel to its high pressure point and then stop.

Once this cycle of the expansion vessel has been completed the vessel puts the stored water under pressure to ensure that you have high pressure water. This will continue to take place until the expansion vessel’s pressure drops to its lower point, leading to the pump commencing its cycle again.

 The main purpose of the expansion tank is to keep the water at a predefined pressure, regardless of boost pressure, in order to limit pump insertions. This is due to the pressurised air that is between the membrane and the internal surface of the expansion vessel. When the pressure increases, the air cushion compresses, letting the water fill the tank. The water can now be kept inside the water tank under pressure. 


Imera Expansion Vessels

Imera, a highly established and esteemed company within the plumbing industry. Imera were one of the first companies to start manufacturing expansion vessels and pressure tanks that have the option of interchangable bladders.

For over four decades now, Imera have been devoting themselves to meeting clients' needs and wants, to produce expansion vessels of pure class and practicality. Furthermore, Imera produce this quite simply fantastic plumbing equipment with the environment in mind.

By utilising today's most modern manufacturing methods and equipment, Imera can produce an expansion vessel to cater for almost all needs, With expansion vessels sizes ranging between 2 to 5,000 litres. You can be rest assured that there is an expansion vessel available for you and your home.

All Imera expansion vessels are also produced all E.U and International standards, meaning that with these brilliant expansion vessel devices, you can also have peace of mind as well as brilliant functionality.

Imera's constant search and hunger for new material and technology also results in the highest quality expansion vessel possible, for you, the customer,

So, thanks to a wealth of experience and an abundance of enthusiasm and new technology, Imera can offer you an expansion vessel that has not only been crafted with the best possible care, but can also offer you a product that is the most current and relevant to any possible household need...


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