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Oil Tanks

Oil Tanks

How to dispose of your old oil tanks when buying a new oil tank from tradeplumbing

When replacing an Oil Tank, it is often a nuisance to dispose of the old Tank. Also when disposing a tank it's extremely difficult to get a courier to collect a tank when its had all oil residue left in the tank this can become extremely costly. It then becomes a contaminated object and has lots of regulations with transport. We offer this service at a subsidized rate to help you get rid of that nuisance object which can be a real pain & very costly to remove.  Trade plumbing offer this service with our Atlantis oil tanks as we have a relationship with Atlantis allowing us to offer a collection and disposal of the old oil tank. Also a very important part is we collect the tanks and recycle them so you're doing your bit for the environment by recycling a plastic item.

When you buy and Atlantis oil tank you will see an option which was says old tank disposal service. When you select this ordering one of our oil tanks this is what will happen ?. You receive a call from a disposal network and delivery company of your new oil tank and they will ask you if your old tank is ready so when you have your new tank delivered we will collect your old tank at the same time to reduce the carbon footprint of making two trips again doing your bit for the environment. Oil tanks are a very bulky item to get delivered and a lot more heavy then you would think due to the extra thickness of our oil tanks we supply at tradeplumbing.

It is really important that your old tank is empty of oil so you use as much oil as possible as our drivers would need to  lift the tank on to the van and if it's full of oil it will be impossible for them to pick up. If you are ready to have the tank for a period of time we do offer additional services where we can collect the tank at a later date but this can be an additional charge and due  to transport costs and administration. We offer this service to stand out from the rest and really make sure that when you buy your oil tank it's as easy as possible because it can be extremely awkward having a huge plastic or Steel oil tank just sitting there wear it with nowhere to go. We offer a collection service for these old tanks which are returned safely and recycled at our tank graveyard at Atlantis!