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Free Standing Baths

Free Standing Baths

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Freestanding Baths- An Epitome of Luxury

Freestanding baths are the finest addition to your contemporary bathrooms. A stand-alone bath crafted with maximum precision and high-end material is an epitome of luxury and convenience. At Trade Plumbing, a plethora of freestanding bath designs will allure you to click that ‘Buy Now’ button and you’ll experience how magically a high-quality standalone bath can transform your bathing.

Stylish Range of Luxury Freestanding Baths

At Trade Plumbing, freestanding baths are listed in various styles that can be incorporated into any bathroom styles- traditional, modern or contemporary and freestanding stone baths; Traditional freestanding baths are the ones that are roll topped with a curved rim. Here, at Trade Plumbing, you have a chance to scroll through a big variety of slipper baths, where one end is raised; or double slipper baths where both ends are raised, or you might want those with the same height throughout.

Fine Designs & Material Ranges of Freestanding Tubs

Traditional freestanding baths often have metal or wooden feet, which may be ornately detailed. They look fantastic in large spaces but are also suitable for smaller bathrooms where space allows. There are some fantastic contemporary designs which are superb for modern minimalist bathrooms. Modern freestanding baths have various shapes, but the lines are usually cleaner and simpler than those in traditional styles. They may be boat baths, reaching to the floor with no visible support, or a similar unfussy design. They may have a wooden plinth or wooden blocks giving them a sleek oriental spa appearance, or they might have metal cradles. Contemporary freestanding baths often have flat tops instead of roll tops. They look great combined with natural materials such as slate or with clean white tiling and dark wood. Double ended freestanding bath is a perfect pick if you require a stylish and comfortable bath for two. It is considered a superb purchase to complete your bathroom suite. If your vanity unit, shower enclosures and baths follow a specific theme, the overall vista of your bathroom will stand out in a very unconventional way.

Freestanding Baths for Sale- Buy from Leading Bathroom Brands UK

A number of stylish and affordable freestanding baths are available, in both larger and smaller sizes. Many designs of the free-standing bath are simple enough to fit in with the ambience of your bathroom. You need to be smart enough to choose Trade Plumbing as your go-to heating and plumbing supplier. Because here you get every item and accessory, necessary to shape a stunning and functional bathroom. Trade Plumbing has been in the business of supplying the unprecedented range of premium heating and plumbing products for 45+ years.

Manifest a bath that Pleases You!

Contemporary designs from Victorian Baths and BC include flat-topped styles such as the Cora, Playa, squared Kuba Square, asymmetrically curved Delicata and graceful Shui. Also, the traditional double slipper bath can be given a contemporary edge with a metal plinth. Glide past a variety at Trade Plumbing & Buy a freestanding tub that pleases you!