Free Standing Baths

Free Standing Baths

Back to Wall & Shower Over Freestanding Bath for Sale


Choose from a Wide Range of Styles

Free standing baths come in various styles and can be incorporated into any bathroom style, whether it is traditional or contemporary. Traditional baths are often roll topped with a curved rim. They may be slipper baths, where one end is raised, or double slipper baths where both ends are raised. Or they may be the same height throughout. Traditional baths often have metal or wooden feet, which may be ornately detailed. They look fantastic in large spaces but are also suitable for smaller bathrooms where space allows.

There are some fantastic contemporary designs which are superb for modern minimalist bathrooms. Contemporary free-standing baths have various shapes, but the lines are usually cleaner and simpler than those in traditional styles. They may be boat baths, reaching to the floor with no visible support, or a similar unfussy design. They may have a wooden plinth or wooden blocks giving them a sleek Oriental spa appearance, or they might have metal cradles. Contemporary free-standing baths often have flat tops instead of roll tops. They look great combined with natural materials such as slate or with clean white tiling and dark wood.

Buying Guide

A number of stylish and affordable free standing baths are available, in both larger and smaller sizes and with a choice of feet to suit traditional baths. Many designs of free-standing bath are simple enough to fit in with either traditional or contemporary bathrooms, and the choice of base may highlight this, with modern feet, traditional ball and claw feet, and plinths available. Slipper baths in smaller and larger sizes are popular choices, and these can come with a black finish. Traditional and contemporary are combined in the choice of flat topped free-standing bath with oak feet. 

A range of superb simple contemporary designs are available, such as the chunky Verona with expanding simple lines, or the Palermo which rises straight up from the floor. The Tuscani has smooth spa like curves for relaxation and indulgence, while the Venice has a more slim line appearance. 
BC Designs produce high quality bathroom furniture in a range of styles. Traditional designs include the Art Deco inspired flat topped Deco, with strong semi octagonal lines, the double slipper with ball and claw feet, and traditional boat bath. Baths come in various finishes, including black primed aluminium for a traditional appearance and polished aluminium for a softened industrial look.

Contemporary designs from BC include flat topped styles such as the Cora, Playa, squared Kuba Square, asymmetrically curved Delicata and graceful Shui. The traditional double slipper bath can be given a contemporary edge with a metal plinth. 

Special Feature: Slipper Baths

Slipper baths are a unique type of free standing bath where one end of the bath has been raised and gently sloped to allow the bather to adopt a more comfortable reclining position. Slipper baths are so named because when viewed from the side they resemble a slipper, and are very popular among those individuals with larger bathrooms where available space is simply not a concern.

Since a slipper bath has no back wall to conceal the pipework behind, elegant pipe covers are usually used to not only disguise but also enhance the overall appearance of the set-up. As a type of free standing bath, a slipper bath is also often fitted with period-style claw or ball feet. If you are fortunate enough to have the space available, there can be few more impressive sights in interior design than that of a classic, well maintained slipper bath standing proudly at the centre of a beautifully arranged and co-ordinated bathroom.