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Cloakroom Basins

Cloakroom Basins

Cloakroom Basins and Sinks

A cloakroom bathroom suite is the perfect choice when you need to make the most of a small space. Adding a cloakroom with a toilet and basin to your home can significantly increase its value, but finding bathroom furniture that will fit can be a challenge. Cloakroom basins are designed to be as compact as possible while still remaining easy to use.

Choosing Cloakroom Basins and Sinks

Many cloakroom sinks are wall-mounted. A wall-hung basin not only saves space but also blends in well with a contemporary bathroom design as the waste water pipe hangs elegantly below the basin and disappears into the wall. If space is very tight, you could consider a corner cloakroom sink, which minimises the space that is taken up by the basin.

Many cloakroom basins feature a single mixer tap. This design is used partly to save space but also to give you the convenience of setting the water temperature to exactly the warmth you require, without having to mix two separate streams of water.

Both square and curved designs are available, so you can choose the type of cloakroom basin that best complements the design of your bathroom. Just because your new bathroom needs to fit into a small space, that doesn't mean that it can't also be beautiful.

Always check the dimensions when shopping for cloakroom sinks. As well as the space taken up by the item itself, you will also need to leave space for the user to stand in front of the basin to use it. Don't block off access to other bathroom items such as the toilet - you need to leave at least 50 cm (preferably 75 cm) in front of a toilet so that it can be comfortably used. Also make sure that your chosen basin won't get in the way of the door.

Fitting Cloakroom Basins and Sinks

It's a good idea to hire a professional plumber to plumb in your cloakroom bathroom suite. If you have the necessary tools and experience to do it yourself, make sure you turn the water off before you start work.

Cloakroom Basins and Cloakroom Sinks

Cloakroom basins fill a vitally important function. They are a place to quickly wash your hands after using the cloakroom toilet.  A cloakroom is typically the very smallest room in the house as they are fitted in under the stairs or in a cupboard.  Because of the limited space in a cloakroom, a cloakroom sink needs to be smaller and made to squeeze into the tiniest of spaces, whilst still delivering a comfortable hand wash. Most cloak room basins are wall-mounted to make the most of a small amount of space.

Corner Sinks and Corner Basins

A smaller bathroom may look too crammed, with you wondering where you can put a sink or a basin. In such a situation, a corner bathroom sink is the perfect solution. Occupying the least possible space, a corner sink for bathroom helps you take advantage of the small area available.

Types of Corner Basins

The material of a wash basin depends on the type of sink corner you choose for your bathroom. Primarily, there are three types of corner wash basins:

1. Wall-mounted basins – A wall-mounted basin is the smallest corner sink available in the market today for bathrooms. It is fixed to the wall with the help of concealed mountings, with the plumbing work attached directly into the wall. These do not offer any counter space.
2. Pedestal Basins – These basins have a hollow pedestal that takes care of the water and waste pipes, and hides it from view. These take more space; however, they also add to the overall appeal of the bathroom with their creative styles and designs.
3. Corner Sinks or Basins – Ideal for corner sink cloakroom and for both small and large bathrooms, corner basins can be put in a way so as to ensure that the pipework is easily hidden in a bathroom’s corner. Due to this particular reason, corner basins are quite popular and also easily available in smaller sizes.

Materials used for Corner Basins

Usually corner sinks are made with ceramic and porcelain. You can even opt for ones made of stainless steel for a sleek and modern look. For a traditional appearance, you can coordinate or match the colour of the basin with the toilet, shower and bath. Alternatively, to give it a more contemporary look, you can try coordinating the tiles behind the basin and bath, instead of just matching the colours.

Small corner basins can be used in toilets, where there is no sink to wash hands. When you venture into the market, you will be flooded with choices and you can take a pick depending on where you want to put the basin and the kind of money you are willing to spend for the basins.

These corner sinks can also be used in reception areas or kitchens, which require more than one basin for washing hands. They do not occupy too much space, are perfect for smaller spaces and are quite affordable as well.

Corner Basins and Corner Bathroom Sinks

A corner basin is an ideal solution when space is really at a premium in your en suite bathroom or cloakroom. These basins can be wall-mounted, or mounted onto a shelf or counter top.

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