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Kitchen Sink Wastes

Kitchen Sink Wastes

Kitchen Sink Wastes

Building a new kitchen or redesigning the existing one is actually fun. With the variety of designs and styles available in the market, a thorough view at what’s available and what you require is a must. One of the most important aspects of a kitchen is a good and adequate kitchen sink, with a good waste disposal unit attached to it.

A kitchen sink waste unit is installed to prevent particles from clogging the drain and consequently blocking the drainage system. These are used in bathrooms and kitchens and though they may appear to be similar, they are different in terms of their functions and the requirement they fulfill.

Similar to how important a proper drainage system is for the kitchen and other such spaces, a kitchen sink wastes unit is equally important to ensure that no blockage occurs in the drainage system. A blockage in the drain can be disastrous, as it can cause flooding in other rooms and damage flooring and woodwork, among other things. This can also lead to worse situations, if the water comes in contact with electricity.

There are basically two types of kitchen waste disposal units that can be fitted directly underneath your kitchen sink.

- Continuous Feed Unit – As the name suggests, this unit lets you add food and other waste to it, while the water is running.
- Batch Feed Unit – You can add waste to this unit in batches or some amount, post which the sink waste is locked down and later operated.

When selecting a waste unit, make sure that your sink base unit is big enough to accommodate it as it adds to its width.

Things to Follow when using a Kitchen Sink Unit

Following are a few things to keep in mind before buying a kitchen waste unit:

- When selecting a waste unit, make sure that your sink base unit is big enough to accommodate it, as it adds to the width.
- To prevent blockage, run water in good amount after using the unit.
- Don’t put stingy items into the unit, such as a flower stem. Such things can cause it to block.
- To prevent blockage, ensure that adequate fall is there on the waste pipe.
- It is best to use large waste pipe to prevent blockage on longer runs.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen sink waste unit ensures long and hassle-free functioning of the unit.
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