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Shower Side Panels

Shower Side Panels

Side Panels

Gone are the days when there were just three options available to cover the bathroom walls – tiles, wallpaper and paint. With a huge variety of decorative bathroom panels available, you can enhance the look of your bathroom and give it a more distinguished and rich appearance.

Bathroom Side Panel - Selecting One

When selecting a bathroom side panel, ensure that the panel suits your bathroom style and design. Panels are available in a variety of materials, colours and finishes, enabling you to find a panel that blends perfectly with your bathroom. These panels are usually made of acrylic, MDF, wood or a combination of these.

Available in both traditional and modern designs, wooden panels are more expensive than acrylic and MDF ones. You can paint them in any colour of your choice and treat them with water-resistant varnishes, as these come in unfinished forms.

Medium density fibre board or MDF is a flexible man-made material, which is created by pasting small wood fibres using high temperature and pressure.

Which type of panel will be best for you?

The type of panel that will work for you depends largely on your bathroom type and style.

- If your bath is in a corner, then side panel shower and end panels will work for you.
- For those with the bath placed in a run, only side panels will be appropriate.
- A shower bath requires a custom-made bespoke panel.
- In case the bath propels into a room, one end and two side panels are needed.

Which side panel style will look perfect?

The style of bath panels depends on your taste and choice. You can try out either of these, depending on which one you like best.

- Traditional – If your bathroom is designed in a Victorian or traditional style, a panelled or wooden detailing on the panel will look perfect.
- Contemporary or Modern – A wood effect or an unmoulded wood panel, bespoke acrylic panel or a MDF panel painted in the colour of your choice will give your bathroom a contemporary look.
- Designer – You can try out panels that have frosted glass and backlighting for a lavish designer look. There are other styles available with steel inserts, ceramic discs and mirrors that add to the richness of your bath.

Apart from the style and design of bath panels you select, make sure you buy the required fixing kit that may not be included in the panels.

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