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Bunded Oil Tanks

Bunded Oil Tanks

Why have a bunded oil tank in the home

With a bunded oil tank it is a tank within a leak proof area as such a tank in a tank or known as a double skinned oil tank. Oil is stored in the inner tank and the outer tank is a protection layer. why they are designed this way is for a few reason. The main reason why is if a leak or spillage occur the oil would be contained in the bund area, but they can also have additional benefits such as protection of the oil tank from the UK weather and elements what we know how bad uk weather can be this is for the inner tank and any fitted equipment. The Tank is a safe way to keep your property from being damaged from oil spills as we know oil is not good for the environment and can be very costly to be cleared up this does not change within the home or commercial use we think this is one of the best ideas that has come out for oil tanks and really do with you can invest in this to keep your tank safe and the environment around it as i'm sure you would not want all your nice grass and plats to be spoiled by a oil spell.



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