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Radiator Valves and Towel Rail Accessories

Radiator Valves and Towel Rail Accessories

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Radiators can’t work independently- You need to invest in the necessary radiator accessories and valves to keep the heat under your control. There are many different types of radiator valves available at Trade Plumbing. You don't have to feel stuck with the existing valves as you can alter them to ensure smooth functioning of your ‘heating-boxes’. To bleed a radiator, radiator valve keys are required. More such accessories come in handy and are revealed at Trade Plumbing.

Radiator Valves: Control the Heat

Unique valve designs that you can use, including a wide variety of thermostatic radiator valves. A TRV will ensure that your radiator remains at the same temperature at all times by regulating the temperature of the water that passes through it. This means you won't have to fiddle to get the room temperature right, and can relax and enjoy the comfort. There are many traditional style valves available, as well as several contemporary and modern designs that can provide a new look to a radiator and room for very little investment.

Diverse Collection: Traditional Radiator Valves and More...

We have a wide range of radiator valves on our site ranging from, straight radiator valves, angled radiator valves, chrome radiator valves, corner radiator valves and different style heads. The straight radiator valves are used for radiators that have the pipes coming from the floor and the angled radiator valves are used for when the pipes are coming to form the wall. There is a diverse collection of modern and traditional radiator valves that you can shop online for a finer heating experience. Some of them are discussed here for your information:

Chrome Radiator Valves

These chrome radiator valves are highly chromed and polished to get the best results. We have a wide range for chrome radiator valves from your standard valves to the thermostatic radiator valve.

Straight Radiator Valves

The straight radiator valves are used for radiators that have pipes coming out of the floor to the radiator. We have a wide range of straight radiator valves in stock waiting for you.

Angled Radiator Valves

The Angled Radiator Valves is used for radiators that have pipes coming out of the wall to the radiator. We have a wide range of angled radiator valves in stock waiting for you.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves 

These thermostatic radiator valves are used to keep your radiator to the same temperature at all times. The vestal inside the radiator valve will expand when hot water passes through it and all depending on how high you have unscrewed the valve it will only let a certain flow of how water through your radiator there for keeping it at a steady temperature.

Know this before you buy a Rad Valve

Look at your radiator and switch on your aesthetic self! You must know which kind of valves will go well with the outlook of your radiator. For a chrome radiator, don't buy a painted rad valve, rather a chrome radiator valve will be the ideal fit. More points to consider are:

  • Style of the radiator
  • The price-tag
  • See the Trust-pilot reviews
  • Analyse if the rad valve will fit fine in your room.
  • And then, buy the one that fulfils your check-list requirements.

    Radiator Valve Fittings

    Installation of the rad valves to your existing radiators is not a hard process. All you have to do is fetch a radiator bleed key, a round spanner and a pair of grips. Follow the precautions and initiate the process of radiator valve fitting. The thermostatic valve usually has 5 settings; Choose the setting that makes you happy with your room heating. Thumb rule is: Higher the setting number, higher is the warmth delivery to your rooms.

    When the room temperature falls below a threshold, the valve senses it. It opens up. Water comes in and radiator spreads the heat from the hot water to the entire room.