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Electric Only Boilers

Electric Only Boilers

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Electric Only Boilers

Boilers have been around for many decades. They are an integral part of any house or building. If you are on the hunt for an upgrade, you will know that there are many types and models of boilers out there. The easiest way to differentiate between models will be by the type of fuel they consume. Two of the most common kinds are the oil boiler and the electric boiler. Each type has its own set of unique advantages, but the electric only boilers have come a long way since invention.

Whay go for an electric boiler?

The main reason why people chose oil boilers over electric boilers was the issue of electricity usage. Even if cheap electric boilers were available, it was cheaper to run an oil burner. However, technology is on the consumer side and has been constantly ameliorating. Electric boilers are now built with microchips that ensure the water is kept at an ideal temperature, so it is neither too hot nor too cold. Many models now run at nearly 100% efficiency, which means your electricity bill will not cause you to pull your hair out.

So assuming that the cost of maintenance and running the devices will be roughly the same, what other factors are there to consider when deciding the type of boiler to install? Well yes of course saving money is important, but what about safety? As far as safety is concerned, the electric boiler wins, no contest. With an oil burning boiler, you have to remember that there is a real possibility of gas leaks (including deadly carbon monoxide fumes), ventilation issues (oil boilers require a stack pipe in the chimney to release excess gases), and problems with pilot lights. These points merit your careful and conscientious consideration, because they not only affect the safety of your home, but the environment as well.

Granted, calculating the volume of fumes released by individual oil burners into the atmosphere may not amount to a significant amount. However, these seemingly minor contributions to pollution possess a habit of adding up, especially over time. Save the environment. Save yourself from safety concerns. Save on heating costs. Reach for the electric boiler.

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