Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers

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How a wood pellet boiler works

On start up, a auger feeds the wood pellets to the burner and they are lit with an ignition element. The burner output then modulates to achieve the set temperatures by controlling the amount of pellets being feed. The burner fan propels hot gas generated from the wood pellets into the boiler’s primary heat exchanger. The heat energy is then transferred to the water circulating around the radiators or underfloor pipework of the heating system installed to.

It is important to note that in most modern pellet boilers, up to 20% of the energy that is produced is lost to the atmosphere through waste gases exhausted by the flue system. With Grant & other wood pellet boilers have a secondary condensing heat exchanger which has is designed to capture some of the lost latest heat energy and will maintain high efficiencies.

Siting of appliance

It is very important that Wood pellet boilers are installed in damp free environments. A lot of wood pellet biomass boilers are designed to be site in a garage, store of outhouse (unless it is an outdoor boiler housing version designed allowing for external installations).

For the boiler to operate safely and efficiently, a correctly sized and permanently open air vent (open to the outside air) should be always provided in the biomass boiler room. Note that most boilers will carry out an automatic cleaning cycle at pre-set time intervals and this process can be quite a increase in the noise level remember this should be considered when choosing a suitable location for the biomass boiler. These boilers have bulk storage hoppers that will require vehicle access for refilling so it is very important to think where the boiler and its accompanying hopper will be put before purchasing.

Biomass Boiler Maintenance

There is a unique feature of the Grant Condensing Wood Pellet boiler range is patented technology to grant wood pellet results in the boiler requiring very little maintenance compared with other appliances. Grant biomass boilers have an automatic self-cleaning system for the primary and secondary heat exchangers to ensure they stay free of debris. They also feature a self-cleaning burner. Using a Grant approved EN Plus Grade A1 wood pellet with low ash content minimises boiler maintenance as larger amounts of pellets can be burned before the ash pan requires emptying which can be up to 2 tonnes in some instances.

Biomass Wood Pellet Fuel Storage

Its very important to ensure you have sufficient space to store the wood pellet fuel. You could have a bulk storage system for greater pellet capacity (like around 4 tonne store) these can be fed directly into a integral boiler hopper normally supplied as standard with a pellet boiler. Having access to larger stores could also be considered to allow for bulk fuel pellets delivery lorries to deliver. Always It's worth ascertaining the pellet suppliers minimum delivery quantity before selecting a place to store the wood pellets as this could help determine which size store is best.


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