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Flue Kits & Accessories

Flue Kits & Accessories

Flue Kits

An important boiler accessory, a flue kit comprises of rolled metal sheets that are designed to be placed or fixed within a chimney. Installation of a flue kit is fairly easy and it helps do away with problems related to cracked tiles in the chimney, in addition to providing some really good ventilation.

Boiler Flue - Sizes and Installation

Available in different sizes, flue kits are easy to install and maintain. Ensure that you buy a flue kit that is suitable in size for your chimney. You can trim the length of the flue pipe according to your requirements, if needed. An elbow connection in a flue kit lets you attach it on the furnace directly and also provides an exit space from the chimney.

Boiler Flue Kit - Layer Mechanism

The pipe of a flue kit usually consists of two or more layers, with some space between each of the layers. This feature helps the flue draw and drain away the smoke from the chimney, while keeping the outermost layer of the pipe cool. However, it can be quite a difficult task to install these layers of a flue kit, if one goes the DIY route. It is, therefore, recommended that a professional or a technician is taken on-board to get the job done.

Benefits of Installing Quality Kits

It is important to install a good quality flue kit that can serve the various functions that it is designed for:

- A flue kit is apt for venting away fumes and exhaust gases from the kitchen range, as well as from a stove top.
- A flue kit is a cost-effective solution, especially when it is compared to other traditional methods.
- They are comparatively much safer to use than their traditional counterparts.
- The kit comes with a flue cap that keeps away rain, debris or words from entering the chimney.
- This flue cap also ensures that the flue does not move around inside the chimney and can be easily removed to clean the pipe.

There are both vertical and horizontal types of flue kits available, and the measurement of these kits can be further customised to suit the size of your chimney. A good and quality flue kit is also a good design solution, if you plan to refit your existing chimney for a new heat source. A cost-effective and easy solution, it will help save on the expenses of building a new chimney.

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