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Back to Wall Toilets

Back to Wall Toilets

Back to Wall Toilet

Tired of an ugly toilet cistern cluttering up your bathroom? Wish you could just get rid of the giant eyesore that is the centrepiece bathrooms around the country? You can do the next best thing with a back to wall toilet! Whether you want a bathroom worthy of a 5-star hotel, or just want to ditch the hassle of cleaning the pipework protruding from the floor and walls around your toilet, our toilet back to wall systems could be for you.

A back to wall toilet seat can be made to blend seamlessly into the panelling behind, where the cistern is concealed. An inconspicuous handle or button on the wall behind allows you to flush the toilet with ease, and no pipes or cistern to clean will dramatically cut down the time you spend cleaning your bathroom.

Installing back to wall toilets

Installing a back to wall toilet and cistern couldn't be easier! Simply attach one of our back to wall cisterns to the wall, and place wooden panelling over it. Attach the back to the wall toilet pan, and have a life free of scrubbing pipes behind the toilet; they're all completely invisible, hidden behind the back to wall toilet pan. A keen DIYer should have no problem installing this system. Build your own wooden enclosure for the cistern, either using an available alcove in the wall, creating a shelving unit along one wall in your bathroom with the cistern inside, or simply extending the surface your sink sits on to cover the cistern, there are plenty of ideas to be had to fit your individual needs.

Rubber lugs may be used to slide the base panel into place, allowing easy access should maintenance be required. Attaching a wooden baton to the wall allows attachment of the cistern, and a small hole in the baseboard for the pipes to reach the toilet is neatly concealed by the back to the wall toilet pan.

Trade Plumbing Sell back to the wall toilets

We offer a range of back to wall toilets, including the special needs back to wall toilet seat, and both square and curved designs for the modern look. If a more traditional look is preferred, the Lugo back to wall toilet has the look and feel of a traditional toilet, while hiding the messy pipework and cistern behind the panels. This simple design solution will give you your bathroom a new revitalised look, as well as making sure that keeping your bathroom clean needn't be a chore.

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