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Central Heating Controls

Central Heating Controls

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Heating Controls

A right heating control is important to keep your home warm and cosy, while saving both on heat and fuel. Heating controls come with timers and thermostats, which help keep your heating costs low through their automatic features. These let you control the room temperature, as well as the central heating system according to your needs.

With central heating timer control, you can regulate the time and duration your heating system needs to be switched on. You can also set the time and it will function automatically as per the settings. Some people also install motorised valves and actuators that help control the flow in the heating system.

Thermostats for central heating also allow you to regulate the temperature of water and you can set it at the desired temperature to avoid overheating.

Benefits of Buying Heating Controls

With the demand for energy-saving efficient products and the awareness towards green products on the rise, a central heating control is an important and effective device. Its benefits include:

- You can control the temperature of both air and water in your home through this device. This prevents overheating and helps reduce consumption of energy. A thermostat installed in your room will activate the boiler only when the room temperature drops below the desired level. Once the room is heated, the boiler will stop working, thereby saving on energy as well as cost.
- A heating control lets you regulate the time of the heating system and turns it off when no heating is required. You can set the time according to your needs or when your home is occupied. This ensures that no power is consumed when it is not required.
- The zone control function of a central heating device lets you regulate temperature of different areas of your home. You can activate the two zones, upstairs and downstairs, according to your requirement during the day.

Therefore, by installing a heating control system or by upgrading the existing one with a more advanced version, you can end up saving hundreds of pounds. In fact, even if you lower the temperature by 1ºC, this can lead to as much as 10 % saving on your bills. These also let you use your heating system sensibly, and prevent overheating or waste of heat and energy.