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Ladder Heated Towel Rails

Ladder Heated Towel Rails

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

Ladder Heated Towel Rails: Heating UK with Style

Heated towel rails – There certainly is something to love about a heated towel rail, providing you with lovely, warm and fluffy towels for after that relaxing soak in the bathtub, or that invigorating shower after a long day at work. The further benefit of having a heated towel rail in your home is that on top of those warm, fluffy towels is warming the surroundings of the heated towel rail; this meaning that you and your towels can benefit from the delightful warmth that a heated towel rail brings. 

A Variety of  Towel Radiators UK

Make your choice from a Chrome Heated Towel Rail, a Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rail, a Designer Heated Towel Rail, or from White Heated Towel Rails and our Thermostatic Heated Towel Rails.

Buy Affordable and Trendy Heated Towel Rail Warmers

The majority of British homes are heated by hot water systems, where a boiler heats water which is then circulated through a system of radiators connected by pipes. Most radiators just provide heat to the spaces they serve. However, bathroom radiators can serve a dual purpose: they can heat the room and warm your towels. A bathroom radiator that doubles as a towel warmer are called  ‘central heating towel rail.

This specially designed towel warmer radiators keep towels dry as well as warm. They can also help to reduce odours. With towels that dry quickly and stay cleaner, you will eliminate unnecessary washing. That's convenient, and it also saves power and water.

In this section, you can find central heating towel rails that will fit the space available in almost any bathroom and complement any decorating scheme. Our warming towel rails are available in modern stainless steel and classic white. You can find floor-mounted rails and wall-mounted rails. Some designs feature curved or projecting rails to put the room in between your towels and the wall in order to speed the towel warming process and keep the wall dry. We also have decorative bathroom radiators in this category. We think that if you look over our large selection, you’ll find the perfect radiator towel warmer for your bathroom.

Bathroom Heated Towel Rails - A Space Saving Solution

Sometimes we can be slightly restricted for space within the bathroom, and the ideal solution for this can be a heated towel rail. With a heated towel rail, you not only have somewhere to hang your towels and keep them warm, but you also have a way of conveying heat to your bathroom. With this fantastic space-saving solution, you can now enjoy the amount of space you do for any other bathroom products you may well require…