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Shop bathroom and kitchen products by brand

When choosing products for your bathroom and kitchen, it is important to shop with a brand you can trust. We all have different reasons for selecting items, and style and durability are usually towards the top of the list. The following list showcases a number of brands that focus on beautiful, quality products that are all made to the highest standards.

Reina Radiators

Reina Radiators are a popular choice due to their stylish and contemporary look. They have a variety of styles that look unique without appearing out of place in a modern home. Built to a very high quality, they can provide an eye catching focal point or give a subtle elegance to a room. The timeless quality of these designs can really help to lift a room and make it a more pleasurable place to be.

Ultra Finishing

Bathroom and kitchen accessories might seem like a small factor in a much bigger picture, but these touches will make all the difference. Choosing the right taps, rails and other elements requires coordination, and the products made by Ultra Finishing are perfect for this. They have a large base of products that compliment each other very well, all made to an extremely high standard and ready to instantly change the feel of the room.

RAK Ceramics UK

RAK Ceramics is the world's largest manufacturer of ceramics and their reputation speaks of quality. Whether you are adding a sink, basin or entire bathroom suite, you can be sure of excellence with this particular brand. The continued improvement of the manufacturing process also means you can acquire an eye-catching product for a competitive price. Ceramic products can form an integral part of a bathroom, so it is a good idea to choose a quality product that will not let you down.

Bristan Accessories

Small touches can make an enormous difference to the design of a bathroom. Bristan Accessories understand this and have created a large collection of stylish products that appeal to all tastes. They offer traditional and contemporary designs, all made with great care to coordinate the look and feel of your bathroom. The build of these products is also excellent which is vital if you have experienced flimsy accessories in the past.