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Bathroom lighting is just as important as other bathroom accessories, as poor lighting can ruin a bathroom that has been so intricately done. The brightness of a bathroom depends on the light that has been fitted in. The position of the light is also important, as it impacts the overall look and brightness. A well-lit bathroom is possible through a good mix of various lighting accessories available.

Blending conventional patterns with contemporary, BC Design light is simply stunning. Its elegant designs capture your imagination, while you can select from their wide range to suit the colour you are looking for. With a variety of BC Design spotlights and lights, you will be spoilt for choices. You can create a beautiful lighting scheme to give your bathroom an edge.

There are primarily three types of lights:

- Accent – This type of lighting gives shape, focus and texture to different parts of a bathroom, and can be used to highlight areas.
- Ambient – This is the general basic lighting that lights your bathroom after sunset. A light fitted on the ceiling works perfectly for this purpose.
- Task – These are used to provide extra lighting for a specific task, such as shaving or applying makeup.

BC design spot lights are perfect for both accent and task lighting. You can even opt for those that come in bars, as those can hold several spotlights in one fitting. When fitted alongside a mirror, these work as ideal task lights.

BC lighting is synonymous with a benchmark, when it comes to quality with the alluring factor. Whichever utility item or design you may be looking for; BC Designs have a complete range of bathroom lights to select from. Bathroom light designs from BC designs are different and unique, as they add a touch of style to traditional bathroom style, giving them a distinct character of their own.

A well-lit bathroom lends grace and elegance to it. Today, bathrooms need elaborate lighting solutions that do not leave shadows. It is a good idea to combine style with functionality to make sure that your lighting fixtures supply sufficient light. Whether it is your shower, mirror, tub, flooring or adding an indirect source of lighting, you need to make sure that the lights fulfill the purpose.

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