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  1. Hot Water Cylinders Guide

    Hot water cylinders (HWC) have been an indispensable part of the home heating system for decades. The importance can be understood by just imagining a fault in a hot water cylinder of your home in the middle of the winter season. Even the thought of it gives you chills, right? Therefore, unless you understand your domestic hot water system's major constituents, don't click that 'Buy Now' button- An uninformed decision can drain your money and efforts! Trade Plumbing experts have stepped forward to equip you with all the necessary information before you buy a hot water cylinder. Let's dive into the deep waters of information to explore every bit of it.

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  2. Bleed a radiator in 7 Steps- Save Energy!

    Have you ever tried to figure out if the radiators in your heating systems are working with FULL EFFICIENCY? They may be working fine but to answer the question of ‘efficiency’ you need to bleed a radiator- At least once a year, preferably at the start of the season. An efficient radiator is your gateway to saving energy and cutting out the hefty bills while keeping the cruel chills of the weather away from you.
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  3. Differences between Stainless Steel and Chrome Towel Rails

    The heating and plumbing market in UK is brimming with best suppliers that stock and deliver quality products. Radiators and heated towel rails are one of the most sought-after and widely used products when it comes to heating homes and offices. When investing in a good heating system, informed decisions lead you to buying great value products. This blog takes you to a journey of quick analysis between stainless steel and chrome towel rails, to help you choose what actually is the best-fit for YOU!

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  4. BTU Calculator | Delta T50-T60 Conversions | Watts - BTU Conversions

    Before you invest in an online radiator, you need to work out which one is the best fit for your space.  Factors like Output BTUs and Delta T carry concrete significance in the process of picking up the perfect size and heat output. 

    Radiators sellers in the UK market, mark radiator output in terms of Delta T. Delta T or ΔT is the difference between water temperature in a radiator(T1) and the temperature of the room that is being heated (T2).

    Mathematically, ΔT= T2-T1

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  • Classic White Towel Rails: Top 5

    At TradePlumbing.co.uk, as well as stocking and supplying the latest designer radiators and towel rails - we also ensure that we continue to design and stock classic models which our customers, in domestic markets, commercial markets and hospitality markets rely on.

    To this end, we have designed, manufactured and sourced a fantastic range of Classic White Towel Rails which have been designed to not only provide excellent heat output - but also provide great functionality, value and style.

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