System Gas Boilers

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System Gas Boilers

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System Boilers

System boilers are the best solution for if you need a boiler to deliver quantities of hot water to different parts of a house. Unlike combination (combi) boilers, sealed system boilers store quantities of hot water in a tank. This allows hot water to be delivered simultaneously in different locations, without a reduction in heat or pressure.

There are many different types of system boiler available, and it's a good idea to consult a heating engineer as to which system will be best for you and your needs. Trade plumbing stock a large variety of system boilers, and there'll be one to suit both your needs and your space requirements.

When choosing between sealed system boilers, there are many variables to decide between. Improvements in technology mean that system boilers are becoming more and more efficient every year, so by changing your system boiler to a newer model, you could be making savings in the long run, as well as protecting the environment. Consult a heating engineer to see what's best for you, and how much a few changes could save you.

You may be able to save additional space in your house if you're switching to sealed system boilers. Many homes currently use open vent boilers which require you to have a cold water tank in the loft. Switching to sealed-system boilers would mean you no longer needed that tank in the loft, thus creating more space in your home.

Installing sealed-system boilers is a difficult task, and has many risks. Because of the complexity involved, this is a task that needs a professional registered gas installer (the Gas Safe Registered Fitter scheme, formerly known as the CORGI scheme) who'll ensure that your system boiler is properly and safely installed.

Whatever you decide to do, here at Trade Plumbing, we have a wide variety of sealed-system boilers from which we're sure you can find one to meet your needs. Getting a boiler that can suit your needs now and into the future is essential for making your house comfortable.

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