Anthracite Horizontal Designer Radiators

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Anthracite Horizontal Designer Radiators

Anthracite Radiator

A lot of people still think radiators have to be white, or that you'll have to paint them yourself if you want them another colour. One look at our range of anthracite radiators will show you that's not the case any more. You can use these to make a bold design statement and install a radiator that looks different and stand out.

Trade Plumbing stock a variety of anthracite radiators, which means that there'll be one to suit your needs. Our range also comes in a variety of sizes, so the perfect one for you is sure to be available. You can find ones that are great for replacing an existing radiator, or you can go for an entirely new style and install a vertical anthracite radiator that rises up the wall and provides a dramatic use of space.

One advantage of installing an anthracite radiator is that it widens the colour palette you can use while decorating. You're no longer stuck with having to cope with or conceal white radiators, and these allow you to make them a feature of the room, one that's sure to be a talking point for your guests. They'll stand out against a white or cream background, making them a great addition to a home with a contemporary design.

The variety of sizes we have in stock means that you can find anthracite radiators that will be right for every room in the house, so nowhere has to be left out of your new style.

Replacing an existing radiator with an anthracite radiator can be an easy task for someone with the necessary tools and some DIY experience, but it can be tricky if you're not experienced in dealing with heating systems. A professional will be able to help you install a new system, and can also give advice on what work may be needed if you want to dramatically change the size and style of the radiators within your home.

Anthracite Designer Radiators from TradePlumbing

An anthracite radiator is a definite feature piece in a lounge, kitchen, dinining room or other living space. Designer anthracite radiators make a bold statement and contrast beautifully with a minimalist white or cream painted background wall. An anthracite radiator will also act as a grounding focus when positioned over bold-print wallpaper.

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