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Atlantis UK

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Founded in the late 1990’s Atlantis are commercial and domestic water softening specialists. They were formed to help the 60% of UK households which experience the damaging effects of hard water, which is caused by naturally occurring limescale which is formed when water passes through rocks in the earth, before being piped into our homes. Noticeable effects of hard water include scale marks on cutlery and crockery, stained basins, baths and taps. More worryingly, hard water ‘clogs up’ your homes pipes and central heating systems, causing extensive damage and inefficiency.

Installing a water softener will prevent the above damage, whilst ensuring that your home is kept running as efficiently as possible. As an added bonus, soft water creates more lather – so you can enjoy more luxurious baths and softer clothes.

At Trade Plumbing, Atlantis are some of our bestselling water softeners. We stock and supply both the Atlantis AT210 and the AT350 water softeners at heavily discounted prices. If you have any questions about this range – just get in touch and we will be happy to help.