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Carisa Designer Radiators

Carisa Designer Radiators


The world’s best radiator designers use world class materials, and there are few better than Stainless Steel. The knowledge that your radiator is protected from defects or corrosion, as well as longer guarantees leave you feeling as fine as the radiator itself.

Whether the metal is polished to a mirror surface, or brush treated for a real treat, Stainless Steel radiators offer the best of both worlds with a gorgeous, modern aesthetic as well as the fortitude and quality to stand the test of time. All towel rails and radiators are constructed from 100% stainless steel. There are no chemical plating processes in the manufacture of stainless steel. Because of the lack of plating stainless steel rails will not rust, flake or corrode and small marks can be polished out, making this a durable choice. It is made from over 90% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable itself. Carisa Range of towel rails are polished to a high finish and will last a lifetime. They are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel with 316 welds and with no known health risks and totally hygienic you are making the ethical and durable choice. Carisa’s design team has created a unique range of radiator models that will enhance any kind of interior.

Only the highest grade solid stainless steel is used for Carisa Designer Radiators. All joints are welded with the advanced ‘Tig Welding’ technique using argon gas to avoid leakage. All of Carisa products are tested to 13 bars minimum. Pickling and passivisation process is applied to all Carisa towel rails and radiators after welding.

All radiators are handmade by skilled craftsman and each appliance passes a quality control test on completion.


Lightness, high conductivity of heat and longevity earns our aluminium radiators their unique place among the other Carisa products we produce. Aluminium has three times more heat conductivity compared to mild steel.This helps it conserve high levels of energy, using only minimal water.


Carisa has been providing state-of-the-art and stylish radiators to keep the UK’s homes warm and cosy. While they have been successful in achieving their milestones, their plans align with TradePlumbing.co.uk and here they are- Working to together to spread the warmth to every home in the UK.


Once installed, a heating or plumbing product will need maintenance. Valves are thus an essential part of your Radiator Accessory Box! TradePlumbing has skimmed out the best quality products to keep your homes getting warm without any dysfunction. For that, you need to put your hands on some of the few valves and fittings. The Carisa Radiator Accessory Range includes Minimalist Chrome Straight Valve, Minimalist Chrome Angled Valve, Spera Mini Chrome Straight Valve, Spera Mini Chrome Angled Valve, T-piece for dual Versions, Traditional Chrome Angled Valve, and more. The chrome finishes of the valves will keep spreading the lustre around your warm spaces.

Heating Elements

A small device that sticks inside your radiator and heats up the entire radiator or towel rail, using the incoming electric current is what we call a ‘Heating Element’. The definition itself depicts how crucial it is to have an extra piece of it to keep the heating systems in running positions. You can go for electric or dual fuel heating setups using a heating or thermostatic element. The former helps you choose when your radiator/towel rail heats up, independently from the rest adjoining device of your central heating system. The thermostatic element provides you with complete control over your heat. YOU CHOOSE!

Towel Holders and Towel Knobs

The list doesn’t end here as TradePlumbing brings you towel holders and towel knobs to dry your wet-pieces and keep them moisture-free- An affordable and stylish way to dry your towels is to invest in such stylish and handy radiator accessories.

Shop from the finest radiator accessories collection at TradePlumbing!