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Eastgate Heated Towel Rails

Eastgate Heated Towel Rails

Eastgate Designer Heated Towel Rails

The Eastgate range of designer heated towel rails are bold and stunning in their aesthetics. Unique in their styling, you can breathe new life into your home. With a wide range of choice available, you can certainly find a designer heated towel rail that is perfect for you. If it is style as well as substance you are looking for in regards to your designer heated towel rails.

A designer heated towel rail by our definition are any heated towel rails that goes against the standard heated towel rail design, and a towel rail that is made to the best standards possible; a luxury item, if you will.

There is also more to a designer heated towel rail than just mere aesthetics... You can now look forward to vacating the bath or shower in the knowledge that you will have a lovely warm towel to dry yourself with, and no longer exit your well deserved bath with the trepidation that comes with being greeted a cold, wet towel.

With different designer heated towel rails also comes different BTUs (British Thermal Units) from each one. It is rather important that you get a designer heated towel rail that is right for the room that you want to place the heated towel rail within.

If you are unsure in your approach to locating a designer heated towel rail with the ideal BTU for you. Then Trade Plumbing are here to help every step of the way. We have a wonderfully easy to use BTU Calculator - simply enter the details and dimensions of the room you would like your new designer heated towel rail, and we shall work out the ideal BTU for your desired designer heated towel rail.