Gledhill Indirect Cylinder

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Gledhill Indirect Cylinder

Gledhill indirect cylinder 

The Gledhill indirect cylinder is a hot water storage tank designed for use with a conventional boiler and electric power backup. It is available in 8 sizes, ranging from 90 litres to 400 litres, with the largest model capable of satisfying the hot water demands of a property with 3 bathrooms and 3 separate shower rooms.

The indirect range of Gledhill cylinders feature a high-efficiency corrugated tube coil that is connected to a conventional boiler to heat the cylinder of water. The coil's corrugated design allows for faster heat transfer, resulting in much faster recovery times compared to plain tube coils. This maximises heat transfer to the cylinder of water, making it more efficient.

All models come equipped with a temperature and pressure relief valve, which is factory set at 6 bar and 95 degrees Celsius. This ensures safe operation and protects the cylinder from overheating.

The Gledhill indirect cylinder is designed to be used with gas or oil boilers, either sealed system or open vented. It features a 3kW incoloy immersion heater for emergency backup.

The unit is supplied with a 90° elbow as standard, and both standard and slimline models are available. Please note that all indirect models come with an on-peak backup immersion, but only the 250, 300, and 400 litre models are supplied with an additional off-peak immersion.

In summary, the Gledhill indirect cylinder is a highly efficient hot water storage tank designed for use with a conventional boiler and electric power. Its corrugated tube coil provides faster heat transfer and recovery times, resulting in more efficient operation. The unit is versatile and can be used with both gas and oil boilers, making it suitable for a wide range of residential or commercial properties.


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