Reina Heated Towel Rails

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Reina Heated Towel Rails

Reina Designer Heated Towel Rails

Nobody likes to feel shocked after getting out of a warm shower on a cold day. Well, there is a very simple solution to that problem. The Reina towel rails. There are many advantages to installing a heated towel rail or towel radiator, in addition to providing a warm towel after a shower.

The Reina towel radiator can provide heat for the bathroom itself, serving dual purposes like an all-in-one machine. That is a nice bonus during the cold months, and you have a perfect opportunity to save on heating costs. Reina towel rails or radiators can also be used to carry out other purposes such as drying a small load of laundry, further slashing energy usage. And of course, nobody can deny the obvious benefit of always having a warm, soft, and dry towel.

There are always two main factors when choosing a bathroom fitting or accessory, and they would be practicality and aesthetic appeal. Well since we have already established the practicality and functionality, let us discuss the design. The Reina design philosophy is to produce quality products that incorporate both contemporary and classic design.

There truly is something for everyone, and the great thing about these towel rails is that they can be installed in any room. It is not restricted to only the bathroom. Imagine the possibilities. The elegant and exquisite designs of the towel rails and radiators will allow you to add that touch of luxury fit for a king and queen to any room. Install one as a centerpiece that will impress the guests, or create sleek and luminous lines to a small bathroom.

Whether you decide to go with a modern or classic design, with the many designs available from Reina, you can be assured you have something that stands out. They have truly taken what would have been a boring bathroom fixture to a whole new artistic level. All sorts of shapes are there for you to choose from, and it is not just the typical rectangular or square design as you may have imagined. There is a variety of finishes such as chrome or stainless steel and colours to match any decor.

When you bring a Reina Designer Heated Towel Rail home, you won't have to wonder if it is a bathroom fixture, an appliance, or a work of art, because you will know it is all of the above. The journey to grandeur and luxury begins with a Reina towel rail.

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