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TradeRad Accessories

TradeRad Valves, Radiator Feet & Towel Bars / Hooks

TradeRad offer a wide variety of accessories to match up to their offering in the radiator and towel rail department, whether you are looking for the very basic manual radiator / towel rail valve or if you wanted to have a little more control with a thermostatic valve (TRV) then there are many options to choose from in this section to compliment your radiator or towel rail.

If you are looking to purchase the TradeRad Premium or Value column radiators then to add that little bit of support and style then we would recommend looking at the respective radiator feet which can really turn a great looking radiator into something that stands out in your home, these are available in both white and raw metal to again compliment the colour of your chosen column radiator.

Finally a range of towel bars / hooks are available to select if you wish to add these to a radiator / towel rail, these are sometimes ideal for hanging your towels / tea towels or if your radiator is situated in your hall way as an example then you can hang your coats/jumpers from these to ensure they are lovely and warm before you venture outdoors in the cold winter month.

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