Economy 7 Hot Water Cylinders

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Economy 7 Hot Water Cylinders

Economy 7 Hot Water Cylinders

Designed to take advantage of an 'off-peak' electricity supply, an Economy 7 cylinder typically features a second immersion heating element (a standard direct cylinder only has one).

Economy 7 is an energy plan, officially known as a 'differential tariff' or Maxistore 7, which helps reduce your daytime electricity consumption and bills, in the most cost effective manner.

How do Economy 7 cylinders work?

The resistance elements are placed in different heights in the cylinder, as they are programmed to work at different times of the day. The lower of the two is connected to the Economy 7 tariff, typically provided during the night hours, and is automatically activated when the cheap rate is available, while the upper heater  (located at the top third of the cylinder) is usually used as a boost element, at times of peak demand for hot water, and is operated manually.  

Productive Economy 7 cylinders also act as storage tanks that retain the heat over the course of the day, thus they should feature a minimum of 50mm thick high quality insulation for enhanced performance.     

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