Shower Pumps

Shower Pumps

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Shower Pumps

Many people prefer to take showers than baths. They have many advantages, including convenience and taking less time, as well as saving water and energy.
Why Buy a Shower Pump

Shower pumps are ideal for homes where water pressure is lower than desired. Pumps can instantly increase the cold water flow and therefore water pressure of your shower resulting in a more luxurious and invigorating shower experience. Shower pumps work with either standalone showers or shower/bath mixers. They can be simply installed by professionals, though the type of pump you choose will depend upon different factors.

Buying a Shower Pump

Triton are leading UK shower manufacturers, producing a wide range of high quality showers, including electric showers, power showers and thermostatic showers. Their designs incorporate expert technology with style and affordability to produce showers to suit all types of bathroom. 

Single and twin impeller pumps are available from Triton. The single has a flow rate of 11.5 litres per minute and a working pressure of 1.22 Bar, while the twin impeller has a flow rate of 22 Litres per minute and a minimum working pressure of 2.2 Bar. Other features include anti-vibration feet and an induction motor resulting in less vibration and noise. The pump switches on only as required to save energy. The power shower pump from Triton also has a flow rate of 11.5 litres per minute.

Other shower pumps available include the Duraspeed, which features variable speed control and pressure adjustment. This pump is capable of increasing the performance of two basic bathroom suites with the capacity to boost performance of an 8 mm shower rose.

The Techflow TP60 pump has a powerful induction motor and high quality, low friction parts for reliable performance and durability. It has a flow rate of 15 litres per minute and a minimum working pressure of 1.8 Bar.

There are three common types of shower pump available - depending on the configuration of your hot and cold supplies.