Stainless Steel Electric Heated Towel Rails

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Stainless Steel Electric Heated Towel Rails

Electric Towel Rails

There is nothing better to combat those cold morning blues than with a brand new electric towel rail – keeping those lovely fluffy towels nice and warm, and also heating your bathroom to keep you doubly warm when you finally emerge from that delightful soak in the bathtub.

Electric towel rails are fantastically convenient for your home; an electric towel rail does not rely on your central heating system in order to work, instead they are hooked up to your home’s electric system, requiring nothing more than a simple flick of a switch to turn on and heat up the element within the towel rail to heat those towels and keep that bathroom warm.

Properties of Stainless Steel

Nowadays, stainless steel is a widely used material; it has many qualities and strengths making it an ideal material for electric towel rails.

Stainless steel is stronger than most other sheet metals; it also does not rust, corrode or stain with water like ordinary steel would. Stainless steel can also retain its strength at high temperatures


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