Curved Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails

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Curved Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails

Curved stainless steel heated towel rails

why have a curved towel rail ?

What is the difference between a curved stainless steel radiator and a straight stainless steel radiator this is space and the reason we say curved radiator is better for storing bigger and fluffy of towns on it's because it gives you a little bit more room between the wall and the back of the towel rail because they curved means the middle of the radiator protrudes out for the them both sides. As with a flat radiator it means that the radiator doesn't stick out any further in the middle obviously because it is flat and means that if you have larger fluffy bath towels or really big towels they can sometimes get stuck between the towel rail and the wall. We at tradeplumbing recommend a curved radiator if you've got a bigger family and you like to have big fluffy bath towels otherwise you'll find them all being plucked when you pull the rail from the wall and also they just look a bit messy having a curved radiator gives you a lot more space behind the product and needs they sit nice and neat.

Curved stainless steel heated towel rails why have stainless steel

As you may have read on our website I can go over again the reasons why you would have a stainless steel towel rail this is due to the long-term longevity of the product if you pick a chrome product normally warranties or guarantees will be around 5 years with no stainless steel radiators no most they need to be a grade of 304 as301 is not as durable as 304 their warranties will be up to a lifetime you will see something 50 years and you will see some saying a lifetime. We recommend brands such as Eastgate plumbers choice and trade red as they have extremely long guarantees and this is because they are made of Higher grades of stainless steel than other comparison products you do pay for what you get when you get a standstill heated towel as again they have different grades and the 301 can be sometimes 60% lesson cost mean on the radiator will be 60% cheaper but as they say you pay for what you get and you ain't if it once not twice so we recommend having the more expensive product if you're looking to stay in the property for a longer period of time and this means you'll have a nice a rail for a longer period of time.

clearly stainless steel towel rails is quite an easy method we recommend a microfiber cloth and some metal Polish as it is a bare-metal it will be actually stainless steel it requires a little bit of elbow grease every year this is to give you that new shiny finish this call Sophie with Polish products or with brushed or mats products we do recommend using a microfiber cloth or lint cloth to give the best shine and finish for the heated towel rail as we say stainless steel products which are 304 will Polish up very very nicely and give a very rich trying you will find if it's a 301 it becomes a little bit yellowy which means that the products have some corrosion in the metal and this will normally be because they're 301 graded product and it's a lower grade of stainless steel.



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