Straight Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails

Straight Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails

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Straight Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails

If your home has a standard hot water-based heating system with a boiler and a system of pipes and radiators, then one of these stainless steel heated towel rails will be perfect for your bathroom. These stainless steel towel radiators become part of your heating system just like a normal radiator. They will heat the air in your bathroom, and they will heat and dry your towels. Stainless steel heated towel rails can also be used to hang and dry laundry. Once you have a new stainless steel towel rail installed in your bathroom and have discovered the comfort and convenience of having a heated rack handy, you’ll wonder why you waited for so long to purchase one.

The real difference from a straight stainless steel radiator and a clear standstill radiator is the actual distance that the radiator will stick out with a heated towel that is curved it's obviously going to stick out further in the middle of the rail and then be in further on each side. With a straight stainless steel heated towel rail it's basically going to be closer to the wall. This is very handy when you have something like a downstairs cloakroom or small bathroom or ensuite as the towel won't stick out too far and the favourite place to have a tower out it's normally behind your door obviously could you close the door or at the opposite side of the door when entering the room and with this sort of radiator is going to be very very good because it's going to give you more room to be had a walk  past the rail and also give you more space in the room. straight stainless steel radiators also have I think quite a nice visual look at they look very neat and tidy and give that perception of a very square and oblong visualisation in the room. Most of the products that are sold are normally straight another terminology is flat you will find on websites that there was a flat heated towel rail this is the same as a straight heated towel rail it's just a turnigy of meaning that the front of the radiator is completely fights and there is no boy or Curve on the radiator is as you're looking down.

Why is Stainless Steel the Best Choice for Heated Towel Rails?

Stainless steel, unlike chrome or paint, is not a coating that can crack and peel with repeated changes in temperature and cyclical exposure to moisture. It is a solid, rust-resistant steel alloy. Solid stainless steel fixtures like these will last for many decades and will maintain their clean, shiny appearance if they're kept clean and unscratched.

Many people prefer stainless steel to any other material for bathroom fixtures such as towel rails and taps. It is attractive, sophisticated-looking and durable. Stainless steel fixtures are available and look appropriate in both modern and traditional styles. If your existing bathroom fixtures are stainless steel, then you’ll almost certainly want to choose a towel rail to match. If you’re selecting new fixtures, then stainless steel is an excellent choice.

Why we think stainless steel was the best choice of radiator there is a few factors really it's due to what it's made of the key is in the name stainless steel heated towel rail this is also a factor that stainless steel has different variations. The variations do differ in the longevity of the product the majority of products we know that is sold online and at very good prices would normally be 301 stainless steel these grades mean that the corrosive or the carbon inside the product is basically lower strength & Corrosion Resistance grade 301 tends to be a less corrosion resistant than grade 304 because the 301 alloy has a lower chromium content and a higher level of carbon. Also at higher temperatures, the difference in corrosion resistance is more pronounced and a towel rail is supposed to be hot so speaks for its self.


so meaning the radiator would last longer and more durable we believe the best products to have in your bathroom is really one of the higher grades which is most common grade in kitchens if its good  for pots and pans them its good for a heated towel rail in stainless steel. With 304 saitless you pay for what you get when you buy a stainless steel radiator or towel rail. there's a real big issue with the knowledge of stainless steel products and the issue is that if it's cheaper then there is something is going to be taken away and this is normally the grade of the stainless steel cheapest stainless steel products will have a lower grade will you ring there will be a 301 302 or 303 this means that the product will not be the same quality as a 304. We recommend 304 and we have a planned on our website which specifically is made by 304 stainless steel this brand is Eastgate we also have another ball plumbers choice and another brand which is called trade read all of them have better grades of stainless steel and this is really important because you do pay for what you get when you buy stainless steel if you tear out. if you're still a product that's significantly cheaper there will be a reason and the reason will be the grade of the stainless steel. He is in the 304 search for always 304 stainless steel and evening 304 there are different grades so the mental is 304 stainless steel you do pay for what you get. So we believe that you should choose a product that's going to last long and you won't need to keep replacing like a chrome radiator which is 5 years we do understand if you buy a lower grade stainless steel radiator it may last 10 to 15 years still if you buy something 304 for most of these have lifetime guarantees.


What Options are Available in Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails?

These towel rails come in a variety of sizes. Be sure to measure the height, width and depth of the area you have available in your bathroom. If you have an ordinary radiator installed there now, then you may be able to replace it with a stainless steel towel radiator without making changes to the pipes. If that’s possible and if you know how to close the valves and remove the radiator, then installing the stainless steel heated towel rail may be a realistic do-it-yourself project.

You can purchase a stainless steel heated towel rail that needs to be mounted onto your wall, or one that stands securely on the floor. Some of our stainless steel towel radiators have design features that help towels dry faster, or that are designed to allow more items to dry effectively at the same time. Don't miss our curved, sliding, and looped heated towel rails. These innovative designs have functional advantages, and they look good as well.

Whatever stainless steel towel radiator you choose from our vast selection, you'll be purchasing a top quality fixture at a fair price, and you'll also benefit from our friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable customer service.

Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails from TradePlumbing

A towel radiator made from stainless steel is made to last. Stainless steel is less likely to suffer from corrosion due to the other elements in the alloy.  Guarantees that accompany stainless steel bathroom radiators are far longer than standard towel rails because of their longevity.  A stainless steel towel warmer is also more efficient as it's not coated in chrome or paint, which reduce heat output on standard towel rails. Stainless steel towel rails are in stock and can be shipped on a rapid delivery by TradePlumbing.

Ideal for your Bathroom

Customers often refer to these products as stainless steel towel rails for bathrooms as they ideal for fitting in a bathroom. A stainless steel towel rail for bathrooms is a great idea because the high moisture in a bathroom would make other materials corrode. Stainless steel heated towel radiators for bathrooms are great for drying damp towels after a bath or shower. Stainless steel towel warmers for bathroom are more luxuriou thand standard white or chrome rails. A stainless steel bathroom radiator, if correctly sized, will heat your whole bathroom. Stainless steel bathroom radiators provide that touch of elegance and class.  The best place in the uk to buy stainless steel bathroom radiator is TradePlumbing. Simply search for bathroom radiator stainless steel or bathroom radiators stainless steel.

Use as a Radiator or a Towel Rail

As already mentioned, a stainless steel heated towel rail can also be used to heat a bathroom - but have you considered using one in a bedroom or kitchen? Why not? Stainless steel heated towel rails can be positioned anywhere where you would usually have a normal central heating radiator. A stainless steel towel warmer can be an ideal addition to a bedroom - especially one with an en suite bathroom, where it's common to walk out of the bathroom still wearing your damp towel. Stainless steel towel warmers are therefore an end to damp hanging around in your bedroom.

But what about your kitchen? Are you a fan of drying up your glasses rather than leaving them to get streaky on the draining board? A stainless steel heated towel warmer is an ideal place to keep your tea towels and keep them dry so that you get the perfect finish to your crockery and glassware.

Stainless steel heated towel warmers are also idea for the cloakroom as they come in a range of sizes. Where space is limited - combine a warm and cosy room with functionality by fitting a stainless steel towel radiator. You can now see that stainless steel towel radiators are a versatile choice in your home heating.

A word about why you should choose 304 Stainless Steel Towel Rails

Stainless steel towel rail radiators are now being made of varying qualities of stainless steel. We would advise our customers to be wary of the grade of stainless steel used to make your heated towel rail. We always recommend that you search for a 304 grade stainless steel, as this combines a number of properties giving you strength, durability and they can be polished up to a beautiful shine. A 304 stainless steel towel rail is an investment in beauty and will last you a long time - just check out the guarantee length if you don't believe us.

Stainless steel radiators towel rails are a fitting accompaniment to any stylish home.