Straight White Heated Towel Rails

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Straight White Heated Towel Rails

straight white heated towel rails back in fashion

As with most new choices of straight white heated towel rails the fancy colours have now become the norm and its becoming more fashionable to go back to white for colours we have found that a white heated towel rail with a good set of valves has become a eye catching syllable of the room we recommend a mix of valve colour chrome and white just sets of the room so well.

The heated towel rail has done full circle as it was once only wite now its so many colors white has become rare to be seen and come back in to fashion. 

White heated towel rails paints 

the new paints are much better than older models and last a longer period of time still its good to look for good brands of products that have good backup and guarantees like Eastgate, Trade RAD, Raina, The radiator company, we have worked with these brands for a number of years and has produced good value for money. 

Beware really cheap brands of heated towel rails

There are very cheap brands that will cause issues in short periods of time due to the cheap paints and we found leds and unsightly chemicals in the paints with very cheap brands that sell on marketplaces its best to pick a brand name and use someone that has been in the market as these products are linked to your boiler and having bad quality will cost you a lot more than a towel rail as they wear out form the inside out so bits of metals flowing around your new boiler can damage the boiler so saving on a heated towel rail can end up not being a cost saving exercise. HEated towel rails are now a stable product and been prohibited for a long time so also always check the widths and lengths as you can normally match them up once they have run there life cycle mild steel is normally 5 - 10 years depending ho damp the room is to have longer times its best to go for painted stainless steel that has much longer times maybe even up to 2 mild steel lifetimes this also tied in with the fitting costs can work out much cheaper to pay more upfront than pay for 2 plumbers costs to change the heated towel rail.


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