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Raw Metal Horizontal Column Radiators

Raw Metal Horizontal Column Radiators

Raw Metal Lacquered Column Radiators

If you are aiming to achieve that fantastic rustic and minimalist look, then nothing will be more ideal than a raw metal horizontal lacquered column radiator. With a nostalgic feel to the raw metal column radiators, you can achieve that fantastic vintage look within your home - a look that is very much in vogue, and will remain to do so for a long while to come.

The added benefits of a column radiator being their ability to retain heat for much longer periods of time, in comparison to their more modern steel counterparts. A raw metal lacquered column radiator will stay very warm long after it has been switched off.

A further reason for purchasing a raw metal lacquered column radiator is that the column radiator has been making somewhat of a resurgence in recent times, with many manufacturers adding a modern twist to many of their column radiator designs.

When you think of tradition within the home, something that will probably spring to mind is the cast iron radiator. With its iconic and distinct design, the cast iron radiator can symbolise true class and beauty.

The Victorian period was the time most widely associated with the cast iron radiator, after this the cast iron radiator fell out of fashion for many years with the introduction of other radiator designs. However, in recent years the traditionally styled cast iron radiator has made quite the resurgence within homes in the UK.

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