Raw Metal Vertical Column Radiators

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Raw Metal Vertical Column Radiators

raw metal vertical column radiators

The Raw Metal finish has been a new style with column radiators in the last 10 years and is a very industrial modern look to a traditional looking radiator its brought the product into the 21st century by applying a very technical finish by preparing the radiator in a raw finish and painting it with the lacquer only what then also does one thing give the radiator not only a unique look but also a better heat output in some occasions as the paints can sometimes instaulate the product. The Raw Metal fishes are in 2 column vertical radiators,  3 column vertical radiators, 4 column vertical radiators all though this is a nice to have different version the best sellers have always been the 2 column and 3 column radiators just due to the sizes when its a 4 column radiator it can precede a lot more and takes up more space in the room.

Raw Metal Column radiators in the Kitchen or public area 

The Look of Column radiators in the Raw Metal finish has been used as a designer look and feel for the room giving the more indurail look but also feel of class and expensive cosmopolitan design in some occasions the real industrial surroundings of crystal maze industrial area. The Raw Metal radiators do finish of an area fully and show that thought has gone in to the layout and design of the property. 

What Raw Metal radiator brands should I pick 

We are very lucky to be able to offer some really great brands like TradeRad Premium Raw Metal and Eastgate Radiators of these products as it can be worrying when buying a product like this to fit in the home as it needs to last and be from a supplier that is real and back up their guarantees we pride ourself in helping the customer finding the right products that do what they say and do it well and look good. 


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