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Whirlpool & Spa Baths

Whirlpool & Spa Baths

Fabricated with Perfection, Delivered with Love!

If you have landed on this page considering purchasing either a Whirlpool Bath or a Spa Bath, likely, you have already pictured yourself melting away day-to-day stresses enjoying all of the benefits of a Hydro Massage. Once you have invested in this hot tub at Trade Plumbing, your hydrotherapy and jacuzzi experience will make you wonder how you ever lived without it! Hydrotherapy at home is now possible through a wise decision of investing in whirlpool baths for your bathroom!

Buy the Finest Spa Baths in UK

Whirlpool tubs are the best-selling Hydro Massage Baths in the market. Whirlpool Baths operate by using air and water, the suction of the whirlpool takes water from the bath via a suction plate and into the pump. Spa Baths typically use a blower instead of a pump. Air is blown through jets at the base of the bath, creating a massaging effect throughout the full bath.

A fine jacuzzi experience is what believe you need after a tiresome day. Therefore, we at Trade Plumbing have gathered a high-quality and affordable collection of whirlpool spa baths for your convenience. Trade Plumbing is famous for the excellence we deliver to keep our customers satisfied. Spa baths from top-notch UK brands are listed here and our team of experts makes it possible for us to deliver the quality we claim!

Confused between a Spa Bath and a Whirlpool Bath?

Spa Bath VS Whirlpool Bath, which should I choose? The best answer is a personal preference! Whirlpool Baths are more adjustable, not only can the air/water flow be controlled; the jets can be moved to cover specific parts of the body. Spa Baths use air to blow through jets on the base of the bath, which creates a bubble effect across the full bath. Looking at our sales, Whirlpool Baths are most popular with our customers. The unending benefits of spa baths will allure you to buy one for your luxury space as well.

Versatile Range of Luxury Spa Baths UK

As always, if you have any questions about our range of Whirlpool & Spa Baths, just get in touch and we will be happy to help. A collection of the following forms the best picks for our customers: 

  • Straight Whirlpool & Spa Baths
  • Double Ended Whirlpool Jacuzzi and Spa Bath
  • Double person spa whirlpool jacuzzi baths
  • Experience what Luxury really means, Buy the best whirlpool baths